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Boston New England IACRN 

Needs Assessment 2021

Approximately how many Boston IACRN Chapter Meetings have you ever attended?
What have you found most rewarding when attending Boston Chapter Meetings (select up to 3):
What meeting format do you most prefer?
What is the greatest barrier to attending in-person meetings (choose all that apply)?
How many years have you been working as a Clinical Research Nurse?
Are you a paid member of the Boston New England Chapter of IACRN?
If you are not currently a paid member of the Boston NE Chapter of IACRN, what are some reasons and/or obstables to becoming a member? (Choose all that apply)
Have you ever attended an annual IACRN conference?
Would you be willing to do a presentation on an aspect of your specialty area?
What is you preferred method for receiving chapter news and correspondence? (Choose al that apply)
What other types of services would you appreciate from the Boston NE IACRN Chapter? (Choose all that apply)

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